Schuster’s and Gimbels: Milwaukee’s Beloved Department Stores Paperback Book


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For well over a century, Milwaukee shoppers have had Gimbels or Schuster’s on the brain. Even if they didn’t crave sewing notions or prize-winning apple pies, they were watching holiday parades wind by, tuning in for Billie the Brownie’s radio updates or losing themselves in front of one of the fabulous window displays. Not only were they magical places to shop but also wonderful places to work, creating the kind of community where a kid might come in to work the Christmas rush and stay for twenty-five years. Enjoy this loving trip through the history of these beloved stores, from their arrival in Milwaukee in the 1880s through the 1962 merger and beyond.
About the Author
Paul Geenen is a retired entrepreneur, an author and a grandfather of eight. He wrote Milwaukee’s Bronzeville: 1900-1950, a history of African Americans in Milwaukee. Geenen graduated from University of Wisconsin. He joined Gimbels in 1976 as a buyer, and was Divisional Merchandise Manager of the Marketplace when he left in 1983. He and his partner started Galaxy Data, Inc. in 1990.