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The North Point Milwaukee Lighthouse, neatly nestled in beautifully landscaped Lake Park on Milwaukee’s east side, is a local maritime jewel. Incorporated as part of legendary landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted’s grand design for this scenic urban park, North Point rests far atop a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan, making it one of the highest light stations on the Great Lakes. Three distinctly different lighthouses have been located here, each with its own unique story. Notable keepers include Georgia Stebbins, who came to North Point as a sickly young woman and was transformed by fresh air and hard work into a feisty, dedicated lightkeeper and served with distinction for over 30 years. Abandoned and boarded up for many years, North Point has been resurrected from near ruin. Today, the North Point Lighthouse Friends see to it that this historic sentinel is preserved for future generations.

About the Author

Ken and Barb Wardius have traveled to, photographed, and researched all four dozen of Wisconsin’s existing nautical beacons. They are the authors of Wind Point Lighthouse and Cana Island Lighthouse. Sought-after lighthouse speakers, the Wardiuses take immense pride in sharing their photography and historical studies with others. Believing that lighthouse preservation is an important goal, Ken and Barb also belong to numerous lighthouse organizations.